Shared Fleet Management for Companies

Offer shared solutions to your employees

  • Car Sharing
    Simply book & access vehicles via the use of company badges or smartphone app.
  • Bike Sharing
    The business shared bike , the essential allie for journeys of shorter than 10 kms.
  • Kick Scooter Sharing
    Electric kick scooter, perfect for junctions shorter than 3 kms.
  • Parking Management
    Management and optimization of your car parks
  • Car-Pooling
    One of the most effective solutions to reduce the use of vehicles and car parks

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Moovee, Maas provider
Mobility As A Service
We provide to our customers and employees, a complete and turnkey mobility service. The mobility service is used without the constraints and inconveniences of traditional operational management.
Our vision
How to adapt to tomorrow's constraints
A world where vehicles are no longer seen as goods but as a services. Don’t buy your own vehicle anymore : “Sharing is the new owning”
Our mission
How to achieve it
By providing a shared vehicle service that is so simple, efficient and flexible, that the user prefers it to a traditional owned mobility. Let’s discover mobility differently, without all the inherent constraints of ownership.

Why shared multimodal mobility ?

A mobility solution for all the needs during the day

Why take your own car to get to work if it is more convenient and fast to take antoher mean of transportatioon and if you have everything you need on site. In addition, by offering electric bicycles and scooters, you decentralize the role of the car and offer a solution that is more adapted to the short city journeys of the everyday life. No more problems with traffic jams or parking search and therefore less hazards to get to an appointment.

Hours per year
lost in traffic jam
% of workers
Take their car everyday to go to work
Vehicles per household
The highest european rate
% les cars on the road
Would allow to completely fluidify the traffic

How help solve these problems ?

Create your Multimodal Hub

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  • Compose your shared multimodal fleet
    Compose your multimodal fleet according to your mobility needs: short, medium and long distance, electric or not
  • Connection
    Connect the vehicles to our platform, to make them smart: No more keys for unlocking, full monitoring ...
  • Use your Moovee solution
    Our vehicle reservation solution allows you to access your fleet according to your current needs. Full monitoring through dashboards available.
  • Optimise your fleet
    Optimize use with a better user experience. Adapt the size of your fleet to fit the demand
  • Combined use
    Offer the service to your employees for their business trips and allow the use of vehicles for their private travel through a re-invoicing

Our solutions

To help you set up your multimodal HUB

Compose your fleet
We will help you
Compose your multimodal fleet, according to the needs of your company and your employees. We support you through mobility analysis tools, to simulate the integration of new mobility with the existing.
Finance your solution
Purchase or leasing
Thanks to our privileged partner ALD, we finance the entirety of your multimodal fleet in a financial product, allowing to integrate the infrastructures, the vehicles, the installations as well as the insurances.
Moovee app
Booking platform
You will have a personal environment in which we will integrate all the vehicles, the users of the solution, as well as all the rules of use defined together. Our platform is GDPR compliant
Operational management
Our constraint less solution
Full Operational Management By Moovee: We manage your fleet, users, maintenance, cleaning, breakdowns, … for you! The mobility service is on, operational constraints no longer exist.

Our services

To help you manage and optimize your HUB

Our teams come to your HUB
Our teams come periodically to do the preventive and corrective maintenance of your installations. Infrastructures and rolling stock are cared for in order to prolong their life and guarantee a quality service.
Organic steam cleaning
Our teams come on site to clean the vehicles and infrastructure. Our Moovee Clean solutions provide professional cleaning, without chemical detergents, through steam cleaning; Result we can clean your vehicles in your underground parking, without a source of water …
Trainings and Workshops
We organize trainings and workshops for your employees; The aim is to make them aware of the benefits of shared solutions, but also to understand the uses of the various solutions offered.
Call Center
We are there for you
A telephone support always available, so that there is always a link between us! In case of breakdown, accident or software problem, our assistance is always available to help and accompany you

Many advantages

Savings, responsible mobility, happy and healthy employees

Reduction of static fleets
Reduce the number of 95% of the time unused vehicles by opting for a shared fleet. Car sharing makes it possible to reduce static fleets by 30%.
Non-fleet costs
Decrease of non-fleet costs
The use of shared mobility solutions makes it possible to reduce extra fleet costs, ie the taxi, short-term vehicle rentals, …
Soft mobility
Integration of soft mobility
Re-integrate the use of two wheels vehicles for business trips. Allowing you to use the most suitable vehicle for your journey, to eliminate the stress related to traffic and parking problems. And moreover, renew contact with the environment.
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CSR approach
Push your CSR approach even further
By choosing to provide your employees with shared mobility solutions, you add an additional milestone to your CSR approach.
Sustainable development
Adress SDG's #7, #11 et #13
In 2015, all the countries of the world have agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Moovee helps you meet the requirements in order to achieve the goals set for energy, sustainable cities and climate.
Responsible mobility
Offer a service of responsible and sustainable mobility
The social responsibility to sensitize the users to the soft and alternative mobility is also the role of a company

Moovee cleaning services

Our expertise accessible to all your employees

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Digitization and expertise of Moovee Services, available in B2C directly at your workplace to take care of your vehicle.

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Moovee fleet services

Follow up with your fleet

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Moovee Fleet offers a solution created in 2001 by four industry experts with more than 120 years of experience in systems design, telemetry, embedded computing, telecom and mega databases. They are still part of the company

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Vous pourrez ainsi réserver des véhicules et découvrir à quel point la multimodalité est simple d'accès pour les utilisateurs !

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